How will you transition into this chapter in your life?

What will you choose to do differently?

How will you ensure that some of the realisations you had in lockdown can be implemented in everyday life?

Here we are, life is slowly beginning to reopen in many different ways, we have choices as to how we reinstate our daily lives, we have new awareness’ as to what is important to us, we have new insights as to the value of time, people, health and choices.

Life has been in a state of limbo, if you have continued working it has been in such a different way, and if you were unable to work, then you have had time and space to reflect upon your life, your choices and what you would like to do after lockdown.

It is that time, AFTER, coming out of, changing, now we are in the transition and it is up to you to create the quality of life that works for you, the pace of life that supports you, to see the people that enhance you, to integrate some of what lock down allowed into life. We were living with the background ‘what if’s?’ what if someone I love dies? what if I get it? what if I lose my job? what if I can’t cope? what if ….. the fear of worst case ~ so NOW is the time to create the best case, to allow the pause we have all just experienced to support us to become a better version of ourself!

What have you learnt about you over the last few months?

What do you want to integrate from lockdown to now?

How can you integrate these ideas into your life?

What do you need to make these changes?

What feelings do these changes bring up for you? Can you hold space for yourself as you feel your way through?

Who allows you to talk this through? Who do you feel heard by?

What are you UNLEARNING?

What are you choosing to learn to implement these changes?

Allow yourself all that you need to grow through this time, it is a valuable process and one that will allow you to align more with what makes life feel more authentic to you. Our brains are pattern matching organs, so it will want to restart life where you left it off, however if the last few months teach us nothing then we haven’t allowed ourselves the gift of growth, the choice to change, the chance to CREATE our life to be more of what we want it to be.

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got…

May this transition be one that supports you to become more you and create a life that allows you to THRIVE? YOU DECIDE?


Your new normal?

Day 80 lockdown, safe@home whatever you choose to call this time, we are all aware that boundaries are being lifted slowly and life is beginning to pick up pace, for some it never slowed down due to jobs, but for many it has been life changing, so what can you carry with you moving forward!

Many people I have spoken to have reflected during this time on their life, on their priorities and how they had created a lifestyle that was full, busy and yet on so many levels empty, rushed and disconnected. Time at home, has had us connect, reconnect and immerse ourselves in the simple values, love, caring, reaching out to help others, taking time to really know how someone is, asking how are you?’ and really wanting to know.

March 23 2020 heralded a new way of living, it started in fear and the unknown, many areas of a previous lifestyle closed down to us. We were put into a form of survival mode, for some it was a relief, for others terrifying but for all of us massive changes were inflicted and we were to some degree powerless! We had choices, but they felt limited and many of us became overwhelmed, so choices felt too far out of reach to touch…

Boundaries are being lifted, we are able to do more, we have access to more, but before we rush back in to the old way of being, are there some questions that may support you evolving from this time;

  • What have you learnt about you, life, your way of being?
  • How have you felt during this time?
  • Are you more aware of your mental and emotional needs?
  • What has come up for you emotionally and mentally?
  • Have you enjoyed a slower pace of life?
  • Have you recognised how busy was a coping mechanism, a distraction for you?
  • What changes would you like to make?
  • How could you start to implement them?
  • What would you need to put these changes in place?
  • What would you like to ensure you don’t do moving forward?
  • How can you look after you differently?

Life is a journey and there is no destination we are travelling towards, on some level we are all winging it, aiming to create happiness, calm, content, healthy, safe, to thrive where we can. Every opportunity can allow us to grow, to step out of old survival modes, old coping mechanisms and put in place through conscious living a healthier way to love, to live and when we do this we can in turn make more of a difference to others, we can love more, we can care more, we can feel more and we can be more!

We all have a responsibility to RECALIBRATE to come out of this time a better human being, the earth has regenerated, the skies are clearer, the oceans cleaner, maybe we can grow to be more loving, kinder, more aware and more engaged in making our world a better place for EVERYONE!


Wounds to Wisdom!

We have all been emotionally and mentally wounded in many different ways and at numerous different times throughout our life. Our parents unconsciously started this journey for us, they laid the foundations to our mental and emotional wellbeing, if we were lucky enough, as well as creating the first wounds, the traumas of childhood! They shared with us their wounds unknowingly!

Our journey through life is initially travelled with others’ beliefs, attitudes and emotional understandings, we are rarely aware that these are not our choices, they are what we have learnt through those around us, through our family, our culture, our peers, our education. It is not until we reach certain choices or crisis’, that we can begin to recognise that the old beliefs, that aren’t really ours, no longer serve us.

Self realisation creeps in and we begin to recognise this isn’t the me that I would choose to be, perhaps through being triggered by certain people, events or situations, perhaps through trauma, maybe loss but there is always that moment or those times when you see that you can no longer be this you! Survival mode no longer serves you, the wounds you endured, are bleeding out and you can no longer live from the wound.

Take a moment ~ what are the wounds that drive you?

Explore your beliefs about you ~ not enough? too much? unlovable? why me? why not me? everyone is better than me? I don’t fit it? I am failure? I don’t deserve? no one understands me? I am different? it is always my fault?

As we show up for ourselves, as we own our pain, recognise our wounds, acknowledge the trauma, feel the feelings and really honour how we are, then and only then can we begin the process of healing the wound and finding the wisdom within.

HOW DO WE DO THIS? For me, it is to imagine how I would be with a friend that is sharing all that I am exploring and I connect to me like I would want to with them. I notice the feelings and validate them. I ask questions of myself to recognise what is going on for me. I hold the feelings with respect and feel them, not dismiss or undermine myself. I treat myself like a really precious friend and thereby start the process of healing by honouring how I am and where I am in myself.

The wound was created by someone else BUT the healing is our journey.

It is so easy to stay in the cycle of trigger, hurt, pain, blame, repeat, however when we do this we are not looking for a way through but a way out, at the point of blame we are making someone else responsible for our feelings. We hand over our happiness to others. The greatest teacher is our trigger, THE WOUND, the moment we feel that overreaction, whether it be hurt, pain, anger, frustration we can explore, we can journey inward to feel where it is coming from, what the feelings behind it is…

For me anger is the key to a lot of emotional release, the moment I feel angry I can usually find, hurt, disappointment and feelings of ‘not enough’ lurking somewhere behind. When I allow myself to feel through the anger, the sadness arises and then I begin to let go…. the other choice I used to go with was to feel anger, blame the other person, rage inside, and repeat this never ending cycle, one I had grown up with and was bizarrely comfortable in.

Recalibration for me has been as pivotal as transformation. We can transform, heal our feelings, find the wisdom from within the wound, and then we have to create the new normal from the wisdom and love not from the wound and pain ~ so to recalibrate is to allow a new layer of me to be, to take the old mask off and keep it off!

Your wisdom is unique to you, it is what allows you to be the most authentic you, it is your journey, your healing and your love ~ it is within you if you allow yourself to travel back to you, the real you, the treasure of your truth.


The Power and Pleasure of Duality


We are living in strange times, where we are in a state of duality ~ April was the first full month of safe@home or lockdown, and it has been different for everyone, even though we are all in the same storm we are all feeling it so very differently. Some people are enjoying the slower pace of life whilst being furloughed and are able to relax, do all that they have meant to have done, missing their loved ones, but finding a new rhythm that is healthier, whereas many others are fearful, stuck, lost, and swinging between the fear of illness, loss, instability, financial scarcity and loneliness. Many others are swinging between the safe@home and lockdown, both ok and also not ok. We are all experiencing new levels of emotions as we are ‘trapped’ within ourselves with less distractions.

One of the biggest awareness’ for me at present is we are alive but every day is measured by how many have died…. broadcast daily, to educate as to how we are managing the virus, but for so many people it spreads, fear, worst case thinking and deep sadness as the numbers rise daily. The duality is that this life is measured through death!

If we are well and healthy we are caught in a limbo of what feels like an unknown new normal, where we are all day by day learning more about how we operate under and within these new conditions.

The duality of this time~

  • if healthy we are alert to a cough, temperature or signs of illness
  • physically disconnected whilst more aware of the power and pleasure of connection
  • alive but so very aware of death
  • safe at home and lockdown
  • together with family and disconnected through technology
  • grateful for so much and yet yearning old ways of living
  • creating a new normal whilst more aware of old ways of being
  • evolving and being triggered
  • healing and feeling the fear
  • peaceful and in conflict
  • seeing the goodness and also the greed
  • feeling content and deep sadness
  • being ok and not ok

This chapter in our lives can allow us the learning curve to create and accept that duality is part of everyday life.

We can take the time to learn how to honour, hold and balance opposing feelings, views and understandings and learn to be ok with it.

I can be both deeply happy whilst a part of me feels sadness, I can love someone and feel irritated with them, I can feel driven towards a goal and procrastinate, I can feel calm and yet a part of me can feel unsettled, when we accept where we are, then and only then we can change!

We as humans are duality, mind and body, heart and soul, thoughts and feelings, and it is up to us to learn how to balance the differing aspects of ourselves. I believe the biggest lesson for me has been to appreciate thoughts and feelings and honour the power of these both individually and dynamically. I was taught growing up that feelings were a negative, that you were weak, pathetic or too much if you felt life, your emotions, so I learned intellect has more value, however as we know, when you numb out emotions, you disconnect from feelings, so life is achievements, goals and a never ending ‘to do list’ – this will never take you to calm or contentment. Through therapy, my work and curiosity I have the pleasure to honour and feel my feelings, all of them, from the unsettling, scared, sad along through to the happy, joy and ease, making the journey so very different.

To feel is to be present in life, to be connected to all that is happening within and around you.

To think is to allow your mind to create, it is vital to learn the skill of not overthinking or only thinking ~ the power and pleasure of duality.

Give yourself permission to accept yourself, your feelings and your thoughts just as they are and then notice how they change!

Life magnified….


Living through these times, this pandemic, is giving a lot of us, more time, more space and a different pace of life – allowing us insights into ourselves, our lives, our way of being and how we think. Our world is experiencing the same event and and yet we are witnessing different reactions from everyone around us, the leaders, the media and those we love. You may find that you are different at this time! In some aspects life is now in slo-mo and when we watch a clip at this pace, there is more to be seen.

We are watching, witnessing life differently. We are interacting from a new normal a place that can be both unknown and unsettling, as well as slower and more intense or overwhelming;

How are you supporting you at this time?

What are you feeling and how are you managing your feelings?

Are you checking in with you regularly to create balance?

Where do you feel life is magnified? Feelings? No space? Kids at home? Little escape?

What would allow you to be more present in the moment whilst honouring your feelings?

What would allow you to minimise some of the magnifications?

I have noticed with myself and clients that finding a balance in this new normal requires a new awareness, a new way of being. We are with ourselves more, there are less distractions, there is the space to feel many of the feelings, we have made ourselves too busy to feel. Old experiences that we have dealt with, lived through then moved on from maybe re-presenting themselves to be FELT, healed.

This chapter in life is creating the space for old trauma to surface, old feelings to rise up. Allowing us if we choose to, to take the time to reflect on our journey to today.

Do you want your journey out of here to be of a similar nature or will change support you more?

In order to change our lives, we first have to notice what is being magnified and reflect, contemplate, heal and then grow through.

Changes doesn’t happen just because we want it too, change is a process and one that we have to be engaged in and committed too.

There are many ways to support ourselves though this time, being present in this moment allows you to feel but not overthink ~ many people try and think their way through a feeling, which is a bit like trying to think a painting and hoping the thoughts produce a picture on a canvas… a thought allows you a logical insight or it overwhelms you with the “WHAT IF?” scenarios, so allow yourself the gift to be present.

Take a moment now, PAUSE & just be aware;

how does your body feel? what can you hear? what can you see? can you feel your skin and what sits next to it? are you aware of where your feet touch the floor? where in your body is there stillness? what does the skin on your hand feel like? can you feel your heart beat? do you notice your breath?

Being present is to be fully engaged in this moment and when we are, our mind quietens with the narration of ‘busyness, noise, comparisons, worst cases’ we come back to ourself.

We can only live in the now, I know for me, I have come to realise that I daydream a lot, I create magical scenarios in my head that are a lovely escape, but they still take me away from being HERE, so they dilute this moment, and I miss the details, the feelings, the connections because I am living in my head. When I practise being present, living more consciously, life is magnified, so the calm is calmer, the feeling are stronger, I witness myself more deeply, I create a relationship with myself and I am more present.

Do you have that one friend, or maybe a family member, your therapist or colleague where you FEEL heard and through this you know you are seen and acknowledged for being YOU ~ imagine if you gave yourself this gift…if you took the time to magnify how you feel and saw the magnificence of YOU!

A magnified life can allow for change, I wish you the time to practise seeing yourself as you do those you love the most, with magic, awe, respect and deep appreciation.



Your Power to Choose!

We are in uncertain times where everyday has more news, more worst cases, more uncertainties and understandably we can feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful. It is at these times in our life that we can grow, we can change, we can allow ourselves to grow through what we go through.

We can CHOOSE how we navigate this time of unknowns, we can choose to change our mindset, to allow ourselves to become more open minded, to see our world and fellow human beings with love and kindness, we can dig deeper and discover new levels of compassion, awareness and understanding or we can do what we have always done.

Too many people I care about live from a place of fear and they then choose to continue to scare themselves by thinking and overthinking worst case, that too is a choice, unless it is a mental health issue and then it requires the right support to manage and heal.

So we have choices in each and every day….

You can decide to stay the same, you can remain as you are or NOT!

You can choose to look at this situation through the lens of love and then learn to navigate through these times from a place of awareness, kindness and more trust!

Each day you can decide what allows you calm and add more of this into your day, anything from meditation, reading a book, a long bath, a walk, or maybe some journalling!

When we choose to respond, we have taken time to allow our mind to appreciate, integrate and understand the situation and decided on a way to manage the experience, we have empowered ourself to find the best way through, the healthiest way!

A reaction is born out of fear, habit and conditioning, it can feel less supportive, life can feel relentless, we can feel stuck!

We have the power to make choices in these times of uncertainty, we have the power to decide to become more of our true self, to become more aware, to heal more, to be kinder, to be more loving, to be flexible and therefore use the changes to change.

WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE, it is for us to discover what our options are and that comes from keeping an open mind and heart………



Why is it that so many of us are fearful of change, of making our life feel different, better, easier, happier, we all know that there are logical steps to changing but the emotions of staying the same are like an anchor that keep us stuck.

Biologically, neuroscience holds the key to this, it is simple, your brain is a pattern matching organ, that creates and works with habit and repetition.

To change requires us to work against ourselves, to put ourself in conflict with ourself!! Therein lies the first step to the challenge of change, we need to create a new thought process and habit in order to allow the change to become a new normal! Our programming needs updating, if we were a phone our software needs an upgrade!

To change asks us to step out of our comfort zone into that place of unknowns, and uncertainty, it requires us to feel ‘fear’ and not to get stuck in worry, overthinking and the ‘what if’s’ then we have to keep on feeling this discomfort, until the new way of being becomes our new normal and a new habit is created. I know for me and those that I work with that sounds simple in theory, the practise is exactly that, to keep practising the new, to keep feeling the fear, to keep taking steps into the unknown and walking through the fear into NEW.

Ask yourself;

What small change would make a difference in my life?

it might be as simple as getting up a little earlier to have time for you, or going to bed earlier, it might be parking the car further away and walking more it could be swapping that glass of wine for a spritzer or just learning to say NO, asking your kids to do more to support you! Take a moment and this about what would support YOU.

How can you plan to implement this change?

what do you need to do to make it happen, is it write a reminder, tell someone, put a post it note somewhere to remind you..think about what would support you to make the change.

When it feels uncomfortable or you find an excuse what can you tell yourself?

I’ve got this! This is for me! This will make a big difference, keep going! Why not now! If nothing changes, nothing changes. Find a phrase, song or quote that supports you!

It takes us to feel the fear and keep going, using courage to keep moving through the discomfort, too often the minute we feel uncomfortable we will distract or just choose to stay stuck!

The quality of your life depends upon how courageous you choose to be!

When you keep walking through the fear, the discomfort, you are creating a new way of being, you are updating yourself, you are choosing to become more you and less the way of your habits, your inherited ways of being.



YOU matter!

How we relate to ourself is the basis for all of our relationships, and this stems from how we were related to as a child. We accept that this is what it is until we recognise that some of our relationships, friendships do not serve us to be happy, to be seen or enhance us. Once we can see that some of our relationships are damaging, wounded or toxic then we get to explore why WE have created, or allowed them to be the way. I hear so many people get upset with how people treat them or behave and perhaps what they are not understanding is that they are 50% of any relationship, so unless they change what they accept, how they behave and what they believe they will continue to allow this relationship to be what it is!

Ask yourself;

Which relationships feel healthy?

Which do I have to be on guard in?

Which friendships do I feel accepted, heard and seen?

Which connections feel draining?

What is it about the good connections that feel healthy?

What is it about the hard ones that feel challenging?

Can I recognise any of the traits of the difficult relationships from my childhood?

Many of our connections have reminders of relationships in our childhood, so if a mother was demanding, you may find that you create relationships that feel demanding ~ it is a known feeling, even though you may not like it, it is normal for you.

For us to change the way we relate to others, we have to reflect on how we were related too ~ I know for me it was to be the ‘good girl’ until I could no longer maintain that and needed to rebel! I am aware that in a lot of my old relationships, I felt a responsibility to make it alright, to people please, to ensure that I was more than enough, that stemmed from perhaps never feeling that I was enough just as me ~ so I created relationships that felt like hard work, I often had to hibernate when I felt I had nothing to bring to the table. During my therapy I came to realise that my ‘role’ had been created as a child and I had just maintained what was expected from me!

All relationships begin with;

how you relate to you..

how you treat you..

what you believe you deserve..

what you accept..

what you think of you..

Any relationship you are in , you have created 50% of it, so look around and within and discover what it is that you truly believe you want in each and every connection, then see how and what you may need to change in order to create, healthier boundaries, better communication or whatever it is that will change how you feel!

Remember you can never change anyone else, that is their job, you can change and heal you and that in turn impacts all of your relationships!

Make time for your relationship with YOU!



‘an act or process through which we become different’

To change is a process and one that requires us to reflect and acknowledge where we are, where we want to be and the unknown journey in-between. Change is the only constant in life, but it actually goes against our neurobiology, our brain is a pattern matching organ, so it wants to repeat patterns. To change we have to work against ourselves, almost create internal conflict, in order to change we are breaking patterns of behaviour and beliefs, that in itself requires us to make it a conscious process.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself;

where would I want to make changes in my life?

what would those changes look like?

what is the first step in creating change? what beliefs hold me back?

what can I do on a daily basis to create the change?

how do I feel about making these changes?

what support do I need to commit to this process?

To create change it is important to know that there will be a lot of feelings that come up, because you are stepping out of your comfort zone and that in itself can feel overwhelming, daunting, scary because it is unknown and that in itself is a challenge for most people.

I am growing through change, it is unsettling to see what comes up. Having just written a book and waiting for it to be published I am aware that I will need to step up and be more visible, that for me is so deeply uncomfortable. My book is all about consciously raising teenagers whilst reparenting ourselves, it is something I am passionate about, growth, healing, mental and emotional wellbeing and yet the thought of standing up, being seen and sharing it, feels like a whole other me…so this evolving me, needs new courage, strength, huge changes along with new updated beliefs in order to be able to market my book, share my knowledge to make a difference.

We all have dreams and no how big or small they maybe, these dreams need us to change to be able to make them come true. It is so easy to tell ourselves all the reasons why things won’t work out, why life is difficult, to ruminate on the challenges and to overthink, all of this is self-sabotage and keeps us stuck. There lies the challenge, the opportunity to sink into the old patterns, the old beliefs all the reasons why not or to rise above, to get uncomfortable, to step in to the fear zone with courage and walk through to the learning zone….


What dreams would you like to come true?

Short term ~ the next 6-12 months?

Medium term ~ the next 18-36 months?

Long term ~ 5 years+

Life is a journey and your journey needs you to reflect, invest time and energy in creating what it is you want to live.

Your changes and choices will impact your quality of life!


Commitment to Wellbeing…

What does wellbeing, mean and feel like to you?

Everyone of us will know wellbeing in a different way and each one of us will have activities, people, places and past times that allow us to create, to feel well!

Tell me, what is it you do to feel well? to feel really alive? to know that life is a gift and you feel grateful for all that is your life?

So many people I love and so many clients tell me that they don’t have time to do what makes them feel well, that to find 5/10 minutes in their day is stressful, reflect what stops you you from wanting to feel the best you can feel when able? other than you?

For me it is the very simple things that enhance my wellbeing, eating well, enough sleep, fresh air, making time to walk as often as possible in nature, time to write, journalling, quiet time, reading, long baths, family time and time with the people who enhance me. When I ensure that I am looking after me, then my life flows more easily, I bring my best self to work and I feel grateful for life even the challenges. It has been a long journey to get here, as life used to be fast, chaotic, full on and it felt like I was racing myself to get to a fantasy finish line, it meant the I felt overwhelmed, disconnected and life could feel relentless. It only takes a few tweaks to start the process and then once you begin to feel the difference, new choices and boundaries feel easier to make.

Take a moment and ask yourself;

How can I make time for me?

What will I do with this time?

How will I feel when I am doing these things for me?

What impact will my wellbeing have on this around me?

What does my wellbeing, look and feel like?

When you decide to make a commitment to your wellbeing, you are making a choice to feel ‘good, alive, healthy and vibrant’ and that you is able to live a more fulfilled, happy and loving life – why wouldn’t you want to create that?



Comparison or Compassion!

Todays world feel complex, witnessing my teenagers and my clients navigate their way through the daily challenges of social media, of comparison, competition and the conflicts of social media! It strikes me that although we are all able to be more connected to the world around us, we are all becoming less connected to our feelings our mental wellbeing, our kindness, compassion and our true selves.

How can we teach our kids that social media can be a healthy addition to life, if we are able to create a way to relate to it that adds to life, not steals from us. For me social media, the internet and all that entails allows me great knowledge at my fingertips, connections to loved ones on other continents, it supports me with my wellbeing, meditation, yoga classes and access to inspiring blogs and podcasts to educate and inform me in so many ways.

I have had to create a healthy time boundary so that I do not get lost in the virtual world.

I hear so many people comparing themselves to all that that see online, to people’s lives, to others staged pictures, moments, I feel the pain of the damage it creates, especially with teenagers, believing they are ‘not enough’ unless they have xyz, unless they have x amount followers, own the latest brand of whatever consumer brand is in, are as buff/thin/toned/brown/ whatever it maybe as the latest celebrity!! It is a crazy world when we are supporting our kids to become addicted to a very distorted reality, when we allowing them to escape into connecting into primarily, technology!

Can we really wonder why teenage mental health is in crisis, why more teenagers suffer with anxiety, depression, self harm along with many other illness’ than ever before…

Is it time to create more boundaries, boundaries that allow for compassion, collaboration, creativity, and allow for mental and emotional connection and in turn a level of contentment!

What can we do to create changes, how can we role model healthier connections;

  1. Create a time boundary for you and technology and then introduce into your home?
  2. Have rooms where no phones are allowed and talk, share, make time to CONNECT!
  3. Introduce healthy competition – teach to kids to be better than they were yesterday.
  4. Explain the distortions and insecurities that have people need to ‘show off, gloat’ online.
  5. Teach kids that there bodies are not currency for likes, they are to be respected!
  6. Play games, watch move together, remind yourself that FUN, involves other people!
  7. Start small and watch how it grows, 10 mins of connecting becomes 20/30/40…
  8. Know there will be good and challenging days
  9. Remind yourself that memories are made person to person, not through social media!

If we want to build healthy thriving kids, we have to build healthier calmer happier selves….

I invite you to connect to the most creative and compassionate you so you create more contentment, gratitude in your life!

Life is a gift…


Each new day is a gift, even though some days it may not feel like it!

Witnessing life and the journey of loved ones illness’ allows us insights into the many facets of the passage of life. I have the luxury of working with all different types of people all who want to ‘feel’ more themselves as they journey through their days. One of the many issues that plagues us as human beings, is love, self-love, self-care, self-awareness… most of us can be really good almost professional at putting ourselves down, making ourselves small, not believing in ourselves, not following our dreams and creating a life that is less that we want to live. This quality of life then creates emotional issues as we are living from fear, from less than, from not enough and these habits ravage us and all that we aim for.

This level of self doubt, fear is akin to the bushfires we are reading about that are destroying Australia… destroys us and our dreams, it makes our life smaller and in may ways it traps us in our heads, in our worries, our worst cases, our fears.

As the world unites to support the Australian communities to manage and recover from the fires, is it not time to unite in love, self-love to heal the wounds of being self-critical, of lack of self-worth and of self -doubt?

How would your life be different if you loved yourself more?

What would you be doing if love ruled you each day?

What would you love to add to your life to feel more love?

Where would love change your life?

What do you love to do that you haven’t done for a while?

How do you show love to you?

How do others know you love them?

When, where and with who do you feel loved?

Love is a powerful feeling;

one that unites and heals

one that is compassionate

one that is collaborative and connects ~ where can you share, show & be more LOVE?

When we live from LOVE, life is a gift!

Each new day…


Every day we can either choose to live in the habits of being ourselves, unconsciously or we can learn how to create the mindset that allows us to live consciously, aware of all that we are and all that we have to be heartfelt grateful for.

Life can be so habitual that we are actually on autopilot, cruise control, we can get so used to being us, that we forget to stop and take stock of how we are who we are, the gift in each day, the luxury that can be found in everyday!

I have witnessed someone I love knowing that each day is not a given, that waking up each day is a luxury, that in itself allows you to really go back to the basics, to find the gift in the present moment. I also have the honour of working with people who find that life can be so overwhelming that the present moment can feel like torture, that their mind can make life feel too much and life can be too hard.

When we, our mind, is able to process life, be present in this moment then we can start the habit of ‘gratitude….recognising what we are able to feel grateful for!’

Take a moment and just ask yourself..

  1. what do I feel grateful for today, now?
  2. who enhances my life?
  3. how can I start to practise gratitude?
  4. what can I do today to honour my life?
  5. what does this moment feel like?
  6. how can I stop more and be aware of all that I have created?

Children are great at teaching us how to feel wonder, how to be in the moment, watch a child puddle jump and find the pleasure in splashing around, or throwing leaves in the air, they stop and really look around, they make life fun.

Allow yourself the pleasure of ‘wonder’ today of looking at the life around you with eyes of gratitude!

We can get so lost in our lives, in our not enough’s, in our unhappiness, in our discontent, that we forget to recognise what we do have, what we are, where life is good, where we are thriving, where we have created pleasure and ease.

As we wander through our lives, our days, our thoughts, we can support ourselves by creating a mindset that allows us to celebrate each day, to recognise the moments that are the gifts, to really make the choices that bring us the present of presence.

We are taught our mindsets unconsciously by our parents, by the world around us, so if you want to find the good in your world, you have to do the work, to create the mind that goes looking for the gift in life. It is no different to wanting to creating a healthy body by eating well and training, you invest time in you…. To find the magic in each day, you have to work on how you think, on what you think, you have to practise the thoughts that support you and acknowledge the ones that do not and let go of them.

I invite you to witness your thoughts…

  1. notice how you think, positive, negative, critical, judgmental?
  2. do you make it hard for yourself by what you think?
  3. what are your first thoughts in the morning and do they set you up for gratitude?
  4. where do your thoughts support you?
  5. where did you learn how to think like this?
  6. what thoughts could you change to make an impact on your day?
  7. starting to day what one thought would enhance you?

YOU decide, YOU practise, YOU create YOUR life!



Personal boundaries are guidelines, ideas, limits that we create that let others know what is an acceptable way to treat us and what allows us to feel, safe, heard, seen and cared for.

Boundaries are challenging because we will have learnt our boundaries in childhood, so they start with how healthy our parents were with their self care, and awareness. If you have grown up in a house where voices were raised and it was ok for people to be angry then you may find that you accept too much with regards to others’ and their behaviour. If you witnessed codependency a parent focusing and needing to ensure that others’ needs where more important than their own then you will learn to have fewer, if any boundaries.

Boundaries are what allow us to feel safe within each relationship. Take a moment and just reflect;

  1. where do I hold strong boundaries, relationships, parenting, work, with myself?
  2. what are my boundaries?
  3. how do I feel when someone ignores my boundaries?
  4. how do I let others know what my boundaries are? do I let them know?
  5. where do I need to update my boundaries?
  6. how would it feel if my boundaries were stronger?
  7. do you know why you have set the boundaries you have created?

We can create boundaries in all areas of life…

a. Time ~ do you create time for you and what makes you feel good or do you ignore that?

b. People ~do you say NO to doing things for others or are their needs more important than yours?

c. Relationships ~ do you focus on others’ more than you, do you allow yourself to be drained by helping/supporting others?

d. Work ~ are you ok with standing up for yourself and what you need in the workplace?

If you were to update your boundaries, how would you do that? what would you be creating for you?

We don’t always know what our boundaries are until we are made to face them, until we feel them or the lack of them, until we are presented with the feelings of sad, disappointed, resentment, anger, let down or hurt and then it is for us to learn from the feelings, what we need to support us in the future! What it is that would prevent you from letting people treat us in that way again… you do have the choice, by putting boundaries in place.

You decide what is acceptable and what is not in YOUR life?

Create more boundaries for yourself


Celebrate you & your life!

The journey of life can be so confusing, one minute life is flowing and all is well, we are happy and enjoying the moment, and in a very instant it can all change whether it is a huge trauma, diagnosis, loss, argument, or someone is hurtful, how we feel changes in that instant!

I don’t know about you, but I am not sure I was ever taught how to celebrate life, birthday’s and special occasions, yes, life not really, it was just something you got on with, perhaps even got through! Through my work I have met people who have learnt to survive life, to keep themselves alive, whether through family trauma, abuse, neglect or a life changing mental illness, to sit with, listen to and learn from my clients, is a gift ~ we all have a right, a need to celebrate life, to recognise our journey to be our own cheerleaders…..

If its a mental illness, just getting out of bed can be a massive accomplishment, if you are a workaholic, taking time for you and saying NO to work can be a huge achievement, if procrastination is what you do, actually getting that ‘thing’ done is a big step!

Take a moment and just recognise;

  1. what is something you can celebrate today?
  2. what would you like to celebrate this new month?
  3. what would celebrating you & your journey look like?
  4. how would it feel to stop and appreciate YOU?
  5. if someone where to read your life story to date, what would they say to you to celebrate?

To take time to stop and reflect, to recall the tough times and how you got through them, what you learned from them, is to recognise your life. Life happens and we can just keep going, not ever really recognising the depths of our experiences, the coping mechanisms we have learned to survive, the adaptations we have made to keep on going, the adjustments that have happened that we are or might still be living within.

Stop and notice;

  1. Am I choosing what supports the life I want?
  2. Are the choices I am making allowing me to grow & or celebrate?
  3. Am I stuck within old /adaptive ways that aren’t allowing for me to ‘become?’
  4. What is my next step towards my dream, to celebrate?
  5. What was my last step that took me closer to the real me, dream?

We never know what tomorrow may bring, so to truly celebrate life, recognise today, all that you are, all that you have created, allow yourself a moment or two to really honour, appreciate and celebrate YOU!


Life is happening here, now, not there!

Destination addiction, is the idea that happiness is, calm is, life is in the future ~ when I am on holiday I will relax, when I earn £$£ life will be easier, when I have more time I will relax, when the summer is here life will be better, when the kids are older….. you can see that the theme is, when you reach a destination, life will feel different! The problem with this way of thinking is you are chasing the feeling you want, not creating it, you are distorting the here and now by believing and investing more in the future.

How do we create happiness, calm, ease or whatever the feeling we want is, in the now?

Let’s take time to reflect;

  1. what is it you want in your life?
  2. what do you believe will create that for you?
  3. what is the first step to invite this feeling in?
  4. how can you add this to your day, week and/or month?
  5. do you need to tell people to ensure you do it?
  6. how will you know when you have created it?
  7. how will this enhance you and your life?

For me it has always been to create calm, however I took on more clients and continued to support my family doing more of what they wanted!!! In order to change, I started to limit my clients, start my working day later, add yoga to the mix, walk by the sea more and commit to my ‘wellbeing’ ~ I have created a calmer life and it feels healthier and it is now a lifestyle and daily choice!

When we are chasing a feeling we are not present in our lives, sometimes life can feel too overwhelming, being present can be sad, hard and mentally/emotionally difficult, in these moments getting lost in fantasises is a great escape however putting your life in the future creates more of what you have…so practise being more HERE… practise staying where you are and witnessing your thoughts and then you can start the process of changing them to support you!

Notice, what you are saying to yourself with regards to the future, come back to this moment and ask yourself;

a) how am I thinking? is it helping me to be present, here and now?

b) how am I feeling? am I ok? it is ok not to be ok? if I accept how I feel how will that be?

c) how is my body? physically how am I? what do I need to feel ok?

When we are present we connect into this moment and that allows us to be aware, to create new habits, to act upon our feelings, our life and choose to make changes.

When we are living for the future, we are fast forwarding through life and missing it, imagine trying to watch a film but having it on fast forward to get to the end you miss the content, imagine reading the last chapter of a book, watching the the last 10 minutes of the game, race or match?

When you are living for the destination you are skipping the actions of the results you want and missing the here and now!

When we trust the process, we recognise that in order to create something there are stages to it, and if we are present with the stages, the journey is the gift, not the arrival. Reading a book isn’t just to get to the end, but to enjoy the story, the same with a film, life is a journey and the process is to allow each step to be as important as where ever it is you are going.

Give yourself permission to be present in the gift of your life and notice how the presence and awareness allows you to FEEL different in your life.

When you recognise the steps of the journey, your path through life feels more, has a deeper, richer texture and you will feel more, more you, more life, more gratitude and more presence!


Thinking, overthinking & thoughts

Our thoughts determine the quality of our mental health, our physical wellbeing and our emotional life.

Our thoughts therefore play a different but as important role as our heart, the engine of our physical health and our mind the engine of our mental life.

How do you think, best case or worst case thinker? fantasises or catastrophes?

We have all been taught unconsciously how to think, we have learned from our parents, who learned from their parents, school plays a role, peers plays a role and then as we grow we get to choose our opinions based on our beliefs and thinking. The life we live is determined by the thoughts we think, so if we expect life to be challenging and hard, it will be, as we believe it to be that way and will even question the good events that occur. If we believe that life is a gift and we are grateful, good will happen and we can create our dreams, then we will and all of this is created from our mind.

Take a moment and ask yourself;

  1. how do I feel about today?
  2. what do I believe I can create in my life?
  3. does my thinking support me?
  4. do I get lost in worst case, catastrophic thinking?
  5. how often do I get lost in daydreaming or fantasy thinking?
  6. do I trust my thoughts to support me?
  7. have I ever questioned how I think?

Your mindset, the way you look at life, the way you think is therefore programmed in as you grow and at this point you are not aware of the programming. However you are now aware which is why you are reading blogs like this, you want change, you want to make changes and they start with your thoughts. They start with practising a growth mindset, to allow yourself to be open to view the world differently, to notice yourself, your reactions, your thoughts and then to question if they work for you or not.

Take a moment;

  1. what is the first thought you would like to change? what would you change it to?
  2. what are a few other thoughts that if you challenged would change you?
  3. explore where in your life it feel most difficult, stuck, challenging?

Rehearse some new thoughts, if that feels too much, look up people that you admire and research how they view the world, how they think about different aspects of life, whether it is a sports hero, business leader, spiritual advisor, writer, artist, scientist, astronaut, fashion designer, whoever inspires you, read about their journey and a few of their interviews!

Your thoughts are the hard drive to your life, in order to create a better life, it requires investing time and reflection as to how you are you and then noticing where that works and where that holds you back.

The happiness, the ease, the calm, the gratitude, the contentment, the success, the health, the comfort, the quality of your life all depends upon YOUR THOUGHTS and the way YOU THINK!!


Stay here…..

You don’t have to have it all worked out.

You don’t have to know what happens next.

You don’t have to run through life.

You don’t have to be ‘doing’ all the time.

You do want to be more present~ here & now!

You do want to ‘feel’ your life all of it.

You do want to create ‘calm’ in each day.

You do want consistency.

You do deserve happiness!

You do want to forgive & heal through the pain.

You do want to grow through life, loss & all that entails.

You do want to have your own back!

You do want to be a priority in your life.

You do want connection to those that matter.

You do want to care about you & your needs.

You do want to make time for you!

You do want to train your mind to be present…. to stay here!

You do want to ‘BE’ more than you do.

You deserve to be the most YOU, you can be!


The maths of your life?

We are all on a journey, our life, this journey has different stages, requires different tools & has different paces to it!

It is for us to find balance daily, to recognise what it is we need to feel ‘well’ to create ‘calm’ to grow through the challenges, the adversity & to immerse in the pleasure!

Due to our moods, daily chores, work, family, finances & the to do list, we can make life a relentless collection of habits. It is therefore vital to take time, make time to stop, reflect, review~ to take away some elements of life & to add others!

To create a life that feels calmer to navigate, that allows us pleasure, ease, leisure, connection, purpose & wellbeing, it is important to invest time in reflection, reorganising, decluttering, rescheduling & planning!

I invite you to take a moment;

1) where does life feel too much?

2) how, what could you take away from the too much?

3) what do you feel you do not get enough of in your life?

4) how could you create more?

5) where is there balance? how have you achieved this?

6) if you were to look back at this chapter in your life, what would you have wanted to do differently? how can you start that now?

7) what is the feeling you want more of in your life~ where? what? who? when do you feel that?

The quality of our life is down to our choices, the decisions we make or don’t make lead us down a certain path~ so keep checking in with yourself, your feelings, your goals & your dreams, check that you are aligning what you are doing with what you want to feel, be and achieve!

Our choices define the quality of how we relate to ourself & the texture, feelings in & of our life…

*The choice to heal past emotional wounds.

*The choice to let go of what no longer serves you.

*The choice to make yourself a priority

*The choice to add more of what makes you feel more you

*The choice to take away the pressure, stress & chaos where you can

*The choice to make the choices

*The choice to be courageous enough to decide to make the steps to act upon the choices you decide….

Do the maths of your life & decide upon the choices that will allow you the quality of life that creates the best YOU!


Your purpose?

To have a purpose is to feel passion or drive, to know a reason, the reasons for your life!

To have a purpose is to feel the experience of your day, your relationships, your life!

To find your purpose is a gift in life, a luxury, it adds the depth, the textures, the colours, the tastes, the dimensions, the answer to why?

You are your purpose…. your life is purpose enough, let’s explore what that might look like!

If you take a moment & just allow yourself to appreciate where you are now in this moment of your life;

What is the lesson in the now?

What are you learning about you?

What are you feeling about this time of your life?

What is your purpose for this season of you?

Sometimes your purpose might be to make a difference to others, family, kids, colleagues & sometimes you are your own purpose~ to look within & find what we need to heal, to grow, to make changes!

Your purpose can be to allow the pain, confusion, overwhelm of life to help you create a more purpose driven life! To make new choices, create a healthier lifestyle, a happier self!

What is your why?

The why can be driven by fear & that’s not fulfilling~ the fear of not enough, the fear of change, the fear of loss, the fear of failure, the fear of comparison!

When your purpose is driven by, self care, respect, curiosity we can trust the process a little~ when it is driven by passion or love we can allow without questioning, like surfing a powerful wave!

Maybe today make time to explore your purpose, to allow space for the why’s the what if’s & invite more purpose into your life!

The culture of social media can create confusion in our purpose, we can lose ourselves in the comparison & then our purpose can become competition or justification of who we think we ‘should’ be~ please know that the pictures you see of someone’s perfect life, holiday, love, achievements & new home~ their purpose is to make that person feel better about themselves, there purpose is not for you to question your purpose!

Your purpose is YOU, how you feel, how you experience you, your life, your relationships & how you relate to your world!

You are your PURPOSE!


Balancing our life…

Our wellbeing depends on the delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit, along with connectedness, our whole self!

It is a daily art form to understand what we need in order to create balance, which in turn allows us wellbeing.

I am constantly learning about the consequences and impact of out of balance, only to have to find the rebalance and then the rewards of balance.

It will be a different journey for each and every one of us as ‘to balance self‘ is a unique journey.

However as much as our journey is unique in essence, there are many elements of out of balance that we will share, to find our balance will depend on what we need as individuals to feel – balance!

I am an introvert who needs more solitude than I have ever recognised until recently and if I get out of balance with this, I feel overwhelmed in life, relationships and with people. I have come to understand that I require a lot of time alone and in nature to rebalance for myself, my family and friends, and to be able to hold space for my clients. I have learnt that each day needs solitude within it and that means that I have really stepped back from being busy and seeing people, it is a hard choice but the rewards to me and my energy are life changing!

I invite you to think about where in your life balance will support you more;

  1. where can life feel too much or not enough?
  2. what could you do to change the above?
  3. what would need to happen to put the changes in place?
  4. how would you feel living those changes?
  5. is the balance within your head space, how you think?
  6. is the balance within your physically, how much energy you have?
  7. is the balance within you emotionally? do you need to share with someone? write a journal? go to therapy?

Life is a journey and it is constantly changing, as are we, so it is important that we stop and take time to reassess our needs, we learn how to best care for ourselves.

In order to create balance we have to know;

* firstly where we feel out of balance!

* secondly how this impacts us and our lives!

*thirdly what we can BEGIN to change.

The changes may start with how you view where you are in life, as you and within the roles you play, parent, partner, worker, lover, colleague, within the family, all of these play a part in the balancing act of life.

We can have an understanding that something is not working but until we act on it and make the changes necessary it is just a thought, a realisation….

It is also important to know what out of balance looks like so we can recognise our path to that place… for me, I get irritable, judgemental, grumpy & reactive, so not easy to be around & not easy to live within!

I know for me most recently, it is recognising the letting go of some of the roles I have played. I had chosen to ignore my needs, my choices & it was not until I had felt out of balance, became aware, that I was then able to choose change and the changes needed for wellbeing, to grow, heal and thrive.

Take a moment, where in your life feels out of balance ~ these are areas, I have reviewed more recently…

Calm vs Busy

Pleasure vs Work

Giving vs Receiving

Connect vs Disconnection

Energised vs Tired

Being vs Doing

Achieving vs Accepting

Slow vs Fast

Holding on vs Letting go

You decide, then you get to create how your life is & in turn how you feel!

Your well being depends on what you invest in YOU!


Live from love or fear?

Do you live from a place of love and trust or fear and catastrophe?

As children we are taught unconsciously by our parents to trust the world and all within it or to be fearful of everything around us, this impact the quality our thoughts, which is turn dictates the ease of our life.

Many people are taught that the world is a scary place and that the worst will happen and so they are programmed to live from a place of fear, worry, anxiety, stress and attempt to overthink everything in order to be prepared for the ‘worst case.’ However the worst case that has been imagined very rarely happens, in fact take a moment right now and think about all the worries you have invested hours of your life thinking about…

Did they ever come true?

Did your worrying help you to navigate a way through?

Do you live from a place of fear, attempting to think through all of the ‘what if’s?’

Does living from this place of worst case thinking make your life easier?

Once we start overthinking everything, once we have trained our mind to misuse our imagination, we are then stuck in the habit, our brain is now neurochemically addicted to living from a place of ‘high stress,’ fear. In order to break the pattern we have to practise calm, we have to start the process of talking to ourselves and being honest about what we are thinking, challenge our thoughts….

is this really a good way to think?

is this thought helping me to feel good?

is my brain just behaving ‘habitually’ if so time to create a new habit!

It is up to you to recognise the role of your thought and how they impact the quality of your life.

Take a moment, maybe read out loud and ask yourself love or fear?

Fear tells you to hide your true self

Love tells you to stand up and shine

Fear wants perfection

Love is perfectly imperfect

Fear tells you being right is the way to stay safe

Love knows that safety is an illusion

Fear argues for your limitations

Love takes a stand for your greatness

Fear wants more

Love knows there is always enough

Fear thinks pain is a weakness

Love sees pain as an opening

Fear wants guarantees


Fear tells you to protect yourself

Love tells you to be vulnerable and open

Fear wants to know why? when? how? what if?

Love allows

Fear wants to confine

Love wants to let go

Fear wants to hold on

Love wants to surrender

Fear wants to be wanted

Love knows it is

Fear judges

Love accepts

Fear tells you to sacrifice

LOVE reminds you it is a GIFT..

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.’ Winston Churchill

Being aware of what emotion our thoughts start from love or fear, allows us to notice our beliefs and attitudes, when we pay attention to these, we can then create a growth mindset. Challenging our thoughts creates more open mindedness and then we allow ourselves the gift of the ability to change, heal, evolve and ‘become’ more of our true selves!


Checking in – with yourself!

We check in to social media. We check in to the airport. We check in with friends and family to see how they are!

Do you check in with yourself?

What does that even look like?

To check in with yourself is to be aware of how you are thinking, how you are feeling, how you are managing your life, juggling your responsibilities and if you have found a balance that allows you to ‘feel’ calm and thriving! Unless we are taught to check in with ourselves, you may discover that the only time you know how you are, is when you are feeling rubbish, tired, drained, emotional and perhaps overwhelmed. How refreshing would it feel if we took time to check in throughout the day, so we captured the calm moments, we found ourselves smiling at the smallest precious moments, we noticed the gratitude at the simple things.

When we make time to check in the ordinary moments become extraordinary, the stranger that smiles as they walk past you, the car that lets you out, the friend that texts to say they thought of you, your child who gives you a random hug, the feeling of putting the key in your front door, the sun rise, the awareness another day is your gift.

To check in, is to live in the present, the NOW and to be conscious of the smallest moments in life that are the thread of life. When we are able to appreciate that we ‘get to’ drink that cup of coffee, have the shower, commute to work in the morning, when we stop and acknowledge where we are, so many others don’t have that luxury, we ‘get’ to see the gift in the everyday!

Checking in can be such a simple exercise, start with once a day and ask yourself;

How do I ‘feel’ emotionally? Calm, happy, sad, confused, lost???

How do I ‘feel’ mentally? How am I thinking? Overthinking? Misusing my imaginations? Distracting myself with unnecessary thoughts? If you find your mind is too full, take a moment and focus on your breathing….Breathe in for 5 and out for 7 and do these until your breathing is the focus and not your thoughts.

How do I ‘feel’ physically? What is happening in my body? Where am I holding tension? Take a moment and just tune into that part of you and let it soften, become aware of what you are holding onto!

How do I ‘feel’ spiritually? This is personal to you, it could be religious, how connected am I to my beliefs or it could mean grounded, centred, trusting….do I believe the universe has my back and all is flowing. If you feel out of sync, take a moment and think of 3 things you are grateful for, think of how far you have come in the last 3,6,12 months and then just allow yourself to BE!

May you create moments today to check in with your greatest and most precious investment, YOU!

Emotional lock down?

These are strange times we are living through, times of great uncertainties, times where fear and anxiety is spreading as quickly as the virus, where greed is consuming a lot people and at the same time great kindness is being shared, generosity is flowing through and to people, there is goodness growing in places where selfishness, self-centred and selfies once flourished!

This is a chapter of great change! Initially these changes may feel overwhelming, as we have more space, more time on our hands and in our heads!

Our emotions have the space to rise to the surface, many of us have kept ourselves too busy to feel, too overwhelmed by the speed of life that we have just added to an already busy life with more, imagine someone on a treadmill and the speed is too fast but they keep going. We, most of us, don’t have the capacity to process all of our feelings, so we lock them in, we allow, create an internal emotional lock down, not aware of the cost to ourselves, to our hearts, to our souls!

So many of us have been taught that feelings are scary by not being taught about them, or by being shown to ignore them, eat through, drink through, shop through, gamble through, shut down through, workout through, be busy through…. do anything and everything but FEEL through them, through the sadness, the loss, the pain, the grief, the hurt, the emotions that have been a part of your life!

Now is the time, we have the space and the numerous supports, apps, social media, access to anyone and everyone to help ourselves to feel, to heal, to allow this chapter in our lives to access the locked in and to acknowledge it, to feel it, to process it and then to release it. We have choices and those choices, can once the planet has been healed and the world begins to reopen, allow us to open our hearts more, to feel more to be more connected to live in a new reality, a more heart centred life!

Allow yourself to reflect on your life, on the places where you have been hurt, where you have experienced loss, where life has been changed forever;

How do you feel about this, these times?

How did you help you to heal through these times?

If this was a friend telling you what they had been through, what would you want to do for them? Did you do that for you?

What do you wish you could do differently now?

How can you create healing with regards to how you feel about these times?

What would allow you to release, heal some more of the feelings?

I know for me, and this is my truth, that I always wanted to ensure that no one else felt my pain, so I hid it and made it my job to make it alright for them, then I resented that no-one had helped me, heard me or held me through those times. It is through therapy that I can see that it was never ok for me to be vulnerable so I learnt to lock down, lock in the pain, this is turn meant I also locked in the good feelings, so life happens and I didn’t feel much. It is life changing to feel everything, learning through mindfulness to anchor yourself through the storms of life and surrender, immerse yourself into the joys of life. We are all able to do this if we allow ourselves.

We always have a choice, we can lock down, box up and neglect our feelings until the time they overwhelm us like a tsunami or have us so shut down that we feel nothing, life becomes a relentless to-do list OR we can choose to bravely venture into places in our heart we have never dared go before and gently ease the pain, hold the pain and allow ourselves to find a way through to the other side!

May this time of uncertainty allow you to dive deeper into your heart and mind and create a safe, loving kind centre from which you may thrive!

Here are a few resources that may help to support you through these times, allow you to find what you need to grow through what we are all going through:











Along with;